HyperPay Partners with CoinW to Give Benefits! Play Swap to Get 10,000 USDT Airdrop
03 Apr 2020

Dear HyperPay users,

HyperPay Partners with CoinW to Give Benefits!To celebrate the launch of CoinW's USDT trading pair for HC Swap, users can directly participate in the "Play Swap to Win 10000 USDT Airdrop and Halving Fee Benefit" promotion in their wallets.

Period: Apr 3, 2020-Apr 10, 2020


During the period, CoinW verified users participating in Swap transactions of any trading pair can enjoy halving transaction fees. At the same time, users can share 10,000 USDT reward according to the transaction volume weight in the Swap after the promotion ends.

Subsequent CoinW Swap will launch HC trading pairs and give away more benefits to participating users. Specific promotion rules will be notified by announcement, thank you for your support! 

Participating Method: Click CoinW on HyperPay App Home, and enter the Swap trading page to participate in HC Swap trading

Note: Users have to register for CoinW and become CoinW users to participate in the trading. After successfully registered, the initial password will be sent to your registration email, please pay attention to the email and remember to change a new password.

Terms of Service:

1. CoinW reserves all rights for final explanation.

2. All rewards are only for CoinW verified users. Rewards less than 0.1 USDT will not be issued.

3. Reward Distribution: Rewards will be issued after the promotion within 7 working days. You can check it in Assets---History---Airdrop.

4. CoinW has the right to disqualify the participators with cheating behavior or wash sales.

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